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1122 East Grove

The house at this address may have been here since about 1882. The first owner was  Henry M. Means, a local business man.  Means was involved in a wide variety of businesses, including groceries, cigar making, and a vinegar factory! Henry Means' brother,  Joseph, was living at 1117 East Grove for many years before Henry purchased the property. Joseph was the father of Lelia Means Bach, the builder of 1111 East Grove. Like the house at 1111 East Grove, the lot for this house once stretched all the way to Front Street and was 120 feet wide.

The Means family lived at 1122 East Grove until 1898, when Mrs. Means died. The home was purchased by Dr. J. Whitfield Smith, an eye and ear doctor from Lincoln, IL sometime after 1900.  (In 1897 Dr. Smith had a sanitarium (private hospital) built in the 600 block of Main Street.)  In 1902 Dr. Smith consulted with Architect Arthur Pillsbury regarding this address. Records at the McLean County Museum of History indicate that Pillsbury did assign a project number to work for Dr. Smith. This may indicate that Smith had changes made to the house or that this house was designed by Arthur Pillsbury. The Smith family lived in this house until 1951.

Decorated with several bay windows and a widow's walk on the roof, this house has aspects of Queen Anne style architecture. The dormer gable is topped with a broken pediment front with a Palladian window, completing the Queen Anne effect.  Built in cabinets and a bay window in the dining room are more old house conveniences.    The spacious kitchen has an eat in area as well as a large pantry. A beautiful double staircase leads to the second floor with four bedrooms and family bathroom. 

Family connections were everywhere on this block of Grove Street!

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