Bruegala/Boogala 2022

The Jaycees' Boogala 2022 will take place on October  7,  2022 in Downtown Bloomington! The Old House Society has been chosen along with Wishbone Canine Rescue as partners and beneficiaries of the event! Please come out and support this fun event  with beer and food, costumed or not costumed!

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warehouse front night.jpg

Our Warehouse at 214 E. Douglas in Bloomington IL is stocked with architectural features like doors and windows, door knobs and door plates, roof tiles and wall tiles!

Do you love the architecture of McLean County? Do you want to see it preserved? You might be the right fit for the OHS board! there are many jobs to do as a board member -- complete this board application and submit it to

Why become a member of Old House Society? Become a member to support the architecture of McLean County and keep the Salvage Warehouse open!! Your member dues support the warehouse and as a member you will receive information about all OHS events!

Warehouse Roof Campaign

About fifteen years ago OHS had another roof campaign -- remember Mark Ryburn on top of the warehouse, drumming up support for those repairs? Well, those repairs are now worn out and allowing water to enter the building again.  This time a full replacement is what is really needed, so we are asking you to once again help out OHS Warehouse however you can!

We need your help to raise the funds it will take to replace our roof so that we can continue to serve the community by carrying out our programs that promote architectural preservation. Please consider making a donation today using the link below to help support the replacement of our Warehouse Roof!

Does your employer offer a matching gift? If so, please email the appropriate forms to