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It's only natural to want to know more about your old house. Not only will you want to know how to maintain your house, but you might also want to know who built your house and who lived there. 

The McLean County Museum of History has an excellent library for researching your home in McLean County. There you can search through city directories and one of a kind publications exclusive to McLean County. Their resources will help you understand your home and the history of the place where you live. The staff at the library and the volunteers there will be happy to show you the resources at the library. Some publications from the library are available on line through these links.

Local History Publications at MCMH available on line.

How to research your older Bloomington Normal Home

Want to know more about house styles and architecture as well as home repair tips? Many many links of general interest in architecture can be found here.

Two subscription sources for researching your home are and Check out your local library's internet resources to see if you can use those services as a library card holder!! Bloomington Public Library cardholders have access to and Library Edition.  

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