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The Warehouse

The Warehouse
214 E. Douglas, Bloomington IL
Open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10 until 5.

Our warehouse is stocked with salvaged items from homes that have been demolished and with items that have been donated. Our warehouse team goes out to 6 to 8 salvages each year, taking whatever items they can from houses that have been slated for demolition. Built in cupboards, flooring, doors, windows, lighting fixtures, door knobs, hinges . . . no part of a house is too small or too big for the Warehouse team!


Almost any item associated with old houses will be accepted gratefully during regular business hours.  We are especially proud of our large supply of vintage tiles, which were donated by a very generous member, David Beich. 

The Warehouse is staffed with knowledgeable craftspeople ready with advice for you. don't hesitate to ask them for advice about how you can use the different items in the warehouse.  

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