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House Tour 2022
June 11, 2022

Our 2022 Tour of Homes was a joyous event as we all gathered to view five beautiful houses on East Grove Street after two years of remote living. Please enjoy these pages to relive the 2022 Tour of Homes!

Grove Street has some of the oldest homes in Bloomington in the Dimmitt's Grove Historic District. One home in Dimmitt's Grove was featured. In that home you could see the historic floor boards that were probably harvested here in Bloomington from the rich groves of many tree species. 

As you progressed eastward on Grove Street we featured two homes from the 1100 block. One was built by William and Lelia Bach, a prominent attorney and his wife, a talented gardener, with the assistance of Architect Paul Moratz. The home at 1122 is a sort of mystery -- was this home designed by Arthur Pillsbury in 1903, or did he merely remodel an existing home from the late 1800s?

After the street car line was expanded to serve Washington Street beyond State Street, the neighborhood now known as Founders' Grove sprang up. A Pillsbury Queen Anne style house at 1221 and an English Arts and Crafts home at 1411 by Arthur Moratz were featured in Founders' Grove.

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